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Okay, so I haven't updated like I should have. sorry. Not that anyone is really reading this or anything. Well I am updating now because I have decided to make a web page for my stores. I have two currently and am going to be putting them on the net. The first one Captured Heart I have already published on and have been getting a good response. It features haldir as do all of my stories. why? Yummy. The second is called Duplicity and I am putting it on the web page because i need a beta reader for it. It is going to be a Mary Sue type story so I am having trouble finding someone to help me with it. Hopefully I will soon though so I can start positing it. I have like over 150 pages written already.

Here is the URL:My Stories I am updating this before I start the page so it may take a few days for it to be up and operational.

ROTK comes out soon!!! I am so excited. I still don't have my hands on a copy of the TTT extended edition but it is only a matter of time. . bwahahahhaa. I need a copy of it, maybe for christmas as I have no money to buy it myself. I can't wait to see it as there are extras on it with Craig Parker. He's hot without the wig as well.

Personal: So now I am working at Target. Not that there is anything wrong with that I just thought that after graduating college I would be done with entry level retail positions. It is not to be though and that really sucks. All I do there is stock the shelves so it isn't like i have to deal with people too much. But still I would rather not work there at all. I would rather have a career. I have promised myself that I am going to start looking for a career job starting the beginning of the year though. I don't care where I have to go to get one!
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