Maeluiril (maeluiril) wrote,

Maybe some good news

I dumped that house I wrote about before. They came back and said they would only fix the electric, spray for the beatles they found, and then give me a 500 dollar rebate for other repairs. That would have probably cost me around 10,000. Right. I'm all over that, seems like a good idea to me.. took less than a second to simply say...ah not so much. So I saw some other houses today. There was one that I really liked.

Basically it has the same location features I wanted, but the plus is that there are no obvious repairs. The other house needed some stuff done, like the bathroom, and kitchen counter-tops. This one was actually pretty pristine. I will say that there was a lot, i mean a lot of wood paneling, but that can all be painted over so I can live with that. Maybe eventually I can actually get it out of there. Well, that is if they accept my bid. I am going to put one in on it tomorrow so I hope that works out.


Ohh!! Got a new Icon for my Lorne Obsession! Love it!!!!!
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