Maeluiril (maeluiril) wrote,

I hate my boss

Okay, so my bastard of a boss isn't paying me! That . . rotten bastard! It's kind of complicated but let me give you a little background. We are doing a dvd for a mulilevel marketing company. Well it just got finished and i guess the backers ran out of money for this disk. So they stopped paying my boss. That means he can't pay me. So I understood that. . and accepted it. The thing is that he owns a building and got a rent check from it. Well, he told me that he would give me money from it and the fuck didn't give me any! So now i'm shit out of luck with everything that i have to pay. And because i am a looser and still living with my parents i luckily don't have any real expenses. Just my credit cards. I had to borrow money from my parents! i am sooooooooooo pissed right now. Like really really bitter.

I'm going in tomorrow to talk to him and burn a dvd for my personal use. I am going to tell him what a fuck he is. Of course diplomatically. I need to find another job. I really, really need to find another job. And he has the nerve to be going on to me about other projects. Like i am going to work with him again. Dick won't even pay me and he expects me to keep working with him. He's lucky i did finish the work for him. I was the only one that could do it (only because they couldn't afford to hire another). It just really pisses me off that he won't give me anything. He expects me to wait until like the end of the month i swear. That is just not cutting it.

I want to move out on my own. I want to leave my parents house. But how the hell am i going to do that when I don't get paid? I can't save any money this way. I can't afford any rent. I can't afford groceries. Hell as it is I can't even afford gas. This fucking sucks donkey balls. I know that I need to look for another job, but i keep floundering. I should just tell him that he needs to find me another job. I think I am going to tell him tomorrow. Tell him that this is completely unacceptable and he needs to give me some money if he expects me to do anything for him anymore. I think i have been more than generous. A lot more than generous. I'm letting him use me is what i am doing. DAMNIT! No more, i'm going to stick up for myself tomorrow and tell him that he needs to find me a decent job with all of the supposed contacts that he knows. He was probably lying about that as well. ARRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHH
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