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Well I can, cause I did! [entries|friends|calendar]

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[07 Jan 2009|12:15am]

Okay, so first post in over a year. How am I doing? I just got an iPhone, so now I'm playing with it hardcore. I really love it. I'm trying to figure out what I want to do with this journal. I would love to do something but I am just a huge procrastinator. One day I will do something though.

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Maybe some good news [09 Sep 2006|11:56pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I dumped that house I wrote about before. They came back and said they would only fix the electric, spray for the beatles they found, and then give me a 500 dollar rebate for other repairs. That would have probably cost me around 10,000. Right. I'm all over that, seems like a good idea to me.. Phht...it took less than a second to simply say...ah not so much. So I saw some other houses today. There was one that I really liked.

Basically it has the same location features I wanted, but the plus is that there are no obvious repairs. The other house needed some stuff done, like the bathroom, and kitchen counter-tops. This one was actually pretty pristine. I will say that there was a lot, i mean a lot of wood paneling, but that can all be painted over so I can live with that. Maybe eventually I can actually get it out of there. Well, that is if they accept my bid. I am going to put one in on it tomorrow so I hope that works out.


Ohh!! Got a new Icon for my Lorne Obsession! Love it!!!!!

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Oh goodie! [29 Aug 2006|11:40pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

So yeah, the house i was going to buy. I had it inspected yesterday. It needs the following done:

New roof
New Boiler
New upgraded electric
New stove

It also has the following:

Exposed live electrical wires
Cracked/broken floor joists
And I quote "Something funky is going on with the foundation"

So....that in mind I don't think I'll be buying the house unless they drop the price like by half! Oh that sucks, I was looking forward to getting the hell out of this apartment!!!!! Not to mention having a place for my dogie to run around. Sigh..that sucks. Now I have to find another place to live come december. fun times!

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Hmm... [23 Aug 2006|11:36pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

Yeah, so 2 years..that's great. Fantastic. Oh well, Not very good at updating things..heh go figure. Things have gotten complicated, as life does. I just bought a house. Wait one sec. I JUST BOUGHT A MOTHER FUCKING HOUSE. yeah tha'ts me going a little ape. I also Just saw SNAKES ON A MOTHERFUCKING PLANE. Oh that was everything I thought it would be. I want to see it again. Good stuff.

Well this was just a quick update. It's late, and i'm tired, and my ipod is playing music I didn't even know I owned. Great!

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AHHHHH! [06 Feb 2004|07:42am]
[ mood | busy ]

This stupid web page thing is killing me. I just can’t figure out how to make it look the way I want!

Good news is i got the next chapter of my story done. That’s great, and now I’m working on the one after that. Now the muse just won’t leave me alone. It figures when I get something else I need to devote my attention to he’s like write! Write! Who am I to deny a Haldir Muse?

Sigh. . I’m never going to see the sun at this rate. Though. . I think the sun is highly over rated. At least my chances for ever getting any type of skin cancer are drastically reduced.

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I'm excited! [04 Feb 2004|12:30pm]
[ mood | busy ]

I got it in my head to open up an archive for original characters. I even got web space and domain. FoxyFiction.net. Shit I even commissioned some artwork for it. I think this will be a great way for me to learn more server side stuff as well as flex my imagination a bit in something other than writing.

Speaking of which my story Captured Heart is just killing me! For almost a month nothing! Not one single idea for the next or any following chapters. However thanks to my great beta, who sent me over a great summary of what she thought should happen i am moving again. I hope to have a new chapter finished this week if not more than that. I’m excited about that too. I miss all of the reviews. . lol. I’m a review whore what can i say. At least i don’t hold chapters out until i get a certain number of reviews though.

What else. . what else. . Oh, I’m in Wisconsin right now. Ladysmith which has a population of like 12 compared to what I’m used to. Not that it is a bad thing or anything. . just different. I don’t think i could live in a place this small though. I’m only here for about 2 weeks before i head back to good old home and my puppy and kitty guts! Oh i miss them.

Nothing really new to report job wise. Still don’t have one. Though i think the ass that didn’t pay me went out of business. I haven’t called him since january. He was trying to tell me that he was going to get his business rolling and everything. there was just no way. He may be a good photographer/videographer but business man he is not.

I’m off to get rolling on the website and hopefully also pump out a few more paragraphs of my story.

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[18 Jan 2004|12:07am]
[ mood | pensive ]

Yeah. . so. . i just caught up with two of my old friends from high school. I probably haven’t talked to either of them for about three years.

One was my old boy friend. My first and last boyfriend. I have never found anyone else that i could become that close to. I thought i loved him back in the day. My best friend says she thinks it was just lust. It could have been. It most likely was. But without anything to compare it to how do i know?

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SIGH!! [17 Jan 2004|07:17pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Okay, yeah my mom is moving up to wisconsin for like 6-9 months. I’m leaving with her in a week to help her move up there. She is going for work so woo hoo. I get to go. yeah! Can you tell I’m excited?

Still don’t have a job. Still being a lush. Still working on my portfolio.

Still a procrastinator!

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blah! [29 Nov 2003|04:22pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Work didn’t suck as much last night as I thought it was going to. The bad thing now is I found that I am going to be working in the mornings mostly though i now have about 20 hours instead of 5. I guess that is okay. I would really rather not have any hours there and be working at my real job but heh what are you going to do?

I have started work on my portfolio. I am debating on making it a dvd or cd-rom. Cd-rom would be easier and cheaper and that might have to be the way to go even though I want to do dvd’s. I have one in my portfolio so I guess that is something. It is going to be all retro type stuff. I think i am going to ask my professors well the ones i liked at school to look over it too. Maybe they can help me find a career job! God i hope so i am so sick of not doing anything. It was great for a while. Just lounging around and doing whatever, but I want to do something now. I want to work on projects and have some sort of stress in my life other than the remote is too far away to reach. It gets real old after a while.

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Turkey Day [27 Nov 2003|12:37pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Yay Turkey day! Unfortunately my parents left me at home with the frickin dog while they go to my aunts! Bah who needs them anyway! I’m going to my friend’s house and eating with her parents. We’ve known each other since we were like ten so I’m part of the family anyway. She said there are going to be a lot of people there. I guess that would make sense as she has a rather large family. Mine is pretty small.

I’m debating on wheather or not to ask the readers of my captured heart story for help. I think i am going to have to because i am getting stuck on what to do. I need someone to bounce ideas off of and i think the loyal readers would be the best to do that. I could see not wanting to beta read for a story though because it would ruin what was going to happen. I still am not sure if i want to do that though.

I had a dream about Pirates of the Caribbean last night. Kind of funny. The boat was like a cruise liner. Any way Mr. Turner (hot!) and I were on the boat and trying to get something i don’t know. Well i had one of the medallions and we kicked someone’s ass to get another. we then went to Barbarosa and some other of his crew to show that we wanted to be with him. We were only doing it to get whatever we had come to retrieve though. Anyway i was a whore, lol, no in the dream and he was just going to join as part of the crew. Well in order to do that he had to kill me. So he took me and threw me overboard after pretending to beat me senseless. With the medallion I swam around and tried to get back on the boat to help him. I woke up just before i would have though. Yah so that was my dream.

I came into some money yesterday and went to best buy. I bought two Delirium Cd’s as i had downloaded a few of their songs off the net and liked them. Kind of disappointed in them but i have yet to sit and listen to the entire cd. I also got the extended edition of Two Towers. I plan on watching that tonight along with a nice glass of wine and some leftovers! ;-) I heard that there were some extra interviews with Craig Parker. I’m going to have to hunt those down. Not to mention check out eastereggs.com to see if there are any goodies on the disks.

Final thing, I bought the soundtrack for ROTK as well. Now, let me just tell you ‘Into the West’ made me cry like a baby. I mean seriously like a little hungry infant. It was horrible. The crying not the song. The song is very beautiful. Problem is now I’m scared to go see the movie with any of my friends. They’ll never let me live it down if i started bawling at the end of Lord of the Rings! Of course any that would go see the movie with me are boys. I might have to make this a solo movie viewing experience. I know i cried when I saw two towers but i took my little cousin then so i just plied him with sugar until he promised not to tell anyone. I have to go get ready to go to dinner.


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Yeah! [24 Nov 2003|08:16am]
[ mood | mellow ]

My web page is done and functioning! I'm so excited. Finally I have taken long enough with it. Now all I have to do is actually circulate the URL. I really, really need a beta reader for Duplicity. I would like one for Captured Heart as well. Maybe I should ask the readers of Captured Heart. I would have to make an Author Note chapter and I don't know if I want to do that though. I might get a response from the loyal reviewers out there. I think I am going to suck it up and do that. At least there will be somthing there for over Thanksgiving and I need some help with where the story is going. I know where I want it to go but I am having a hard time getting it there. I think I will give them the URL to the web page though.

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Ooops [23 Nov 2003|09:22am]
[ mood | creative ]

Okay, so I haven't updated like I should have. sorry. Not that anyone is really reading this or anything. Well I am updating now because I have decided to make a web page for my stores. I have two currently and am going to be putting them on the net. The first one Captured Heart I have already published on fanficiton.net and have been getting a good response. It features haldir as do all of my stories. why? Yummy. The second is called Duplicity and I am putting it on the web page because i need a beta reader for it. It is going to be a Mary Sue type story so I am having trouble finding someone to help me with it. Hopefully I will soon though so I can start positing it. I have like over 150 pages written already.

Here is the URL:My Stories I am updating this before I start the page so it may take a few days for it to be up and operational.

ROTK comes out soon!!! I am so excited. I still don't have my hands on a copy of the TTT extended edition but it is only a matter of time. . bwahahahhaa. I need a copy of it, maybe for christmas as I have no money to buy it myself. I can't wait to see it as there are extras on it with Craig Parker. He's hot without the wig as well.

Personal: So now I am working at Target. Not that there is anything wrong with that I just thought that after graduating college I would be done with entry level retail positions. It is not to be though and that really sucks. All I do there is stock the shelves so it isn't like i have to deal with people too much. But still I would rather not work there at all. I would rather have a career. I have promised myself that I am going to start looking for a career job starting the beginning of the year though. I don't care where I have to go to get one!

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Not so Good [23 Sep 2003|03:40am]
[ mood | bored ]

Yeah so the past week or whatever kind of blew. I did end up getting some money from my boss but it wasn't enough. I got some more today but i still have to pay all my bills so that dissapeared. I am so sick and tired of living at home i want to go out on my own damnit! I'm also getting really pissed because i can't beat Amon Hen with Legolas on my PS2 two towers game. I flew through it with aragorn but legolas just keeps getting his ass whiped. I blame myself. Any who. . . I guess i'm off to bed. Not much else to do.

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I hate my boss [09 Sep 2003|01:30am]
Okay, so my bastard of a boss isn't paying me! That . . rotten bastard! It's kind of complicated but let me give you a little background. We are doing a dvd for a mulilevel marketing company. Well it just got finished and i guess the backers ran out of money for this disk. So they stopped paying my boss. That means he can't pay me. So I understood that. . and accepted it. The thing is that he owns a building and got a rent check from it. Well, he told me that he would give me money from it and the fuck didn't give me any! So now i'm shit out of luck with everything that i have to pay. And because i am a looser and still living with my parents i luckily don't have any real expenses. Just my credit cards. I had to borrow money from my parents! i am sooooooooooo pissed right now. Like really really bitter.

I'm going in tomorrow to talk to him and burn a dvd for my personal use. I am going to tell him what a fuck he is. Of course diplomatically. I need to find another job. I really, really need to find another job. And he has the nerve to be going on to me about other projects. Like i am going to work with him again. Dick won't even pay me and he expects me to keep working with him. He's lucky i did finish the work for him. I was the only one that could do it (only because they couldn't afford to hire another). It just really pisses me off that he won't give me anything. He expects me to wait until like the end of the month i swear. That is just not cutting it.

I want to move out on my own. I want to leave my parents house. But how the hell am i going to do that when I don't get paid? I can't save any money this way. I can't afford any rent. I can't afford groceries. Hell as it is I can't even afford gas. This fucking sucks donkey balls. I know that I need to look for another job, but i keep floundering. I should just tell him that he needs to find me another job. I think I am going to tell him tomorrow. Tell him that this is completely unacceptable and he needs to give me some money if he expects me to do anything for him anymore. I think i have been more than generous. A lot more than generous. I'm letting him use me is what i am doing. DAMNIT! No more, i'm going to stick up for myself tomorrow and tell him that he needs to find me a decent job with all of the supposed contacts that he knows. He was probably lying about that as well. ARRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHH
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frist entry [07 Sep 2003|08:07pm]
Well, now I have a place to vent and post all of my smutty stories! Wooohooo. LOL. Most likely no one will read this but who cares. I need an outlet and here it is. I even paid for it. I'm even taking this serious and making sure that i have pictures and other things to post. Hopefully i will keep this updated much more than my written journal. Since getting my laptop i haven't written anything. Good luck trying to read anything i write. Just wanted to get the first one out of the way. You know they say it is easier after that, not like i would know. sigh. . anyway, you'll find my current obsession is Haldir from Lord of the Rings. Well Legolas is there too but mostly haldir. That is what this is motly going to be about. My obsessions and my wants and needs. I'm selfish give me a break.
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