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Turkey Day

Yay Turkey day! Unfortunately my parents left me at home with the frickin dog while they go to my aunts! Bah who needs them anyway! I’m going to my friend’s house and eating with her parents. We’ve known each other since we were like ten so I’m part of the family anyway. She said there are going to be a lot of people there. I guess that would make sense as she has a rather large family. Mine is pretty small.

I’m debating on wheather or not to ask the readers of my captured heart story for help. I think i am going to have to because i am getting stuck on what to do. I need someone to bounce ideas off of and i think the loyal readers would be the best to do that. I could see not wanting to beta read for a story though because it would ruin what was going to happen. I still am not sure if i want to do that though.

I had a dream about Pirates of the Caribbean last night. Kind of funny. The boat was like a cruise liner. Any way Mr. Turner (hot!) and I were on the boat and trying to get something i don’t know. Well i had one of the medallions and we kicked someone’s ass to get another. we then went to Barbarosa and some other of his crew to show that we wanted to be with him. We were only doing it to get whatever we had come to retrieve though. Anyway i was a whore, lol, no in the dream and he was just going to join as part of the crew. Well in order to do that he had to kill me. So he took me and threw me overboard after pretending to beat me senseless. With the medallion I swam around and tried to get back on the boat to help him. I woke up just before i would have though. Yah so that was my dream.

I came into some money yesterday and went to best buy. I bought two Delirium Cd’s as i had downloaded a few of their songs off the net and liked them. Kind of disappointed in them but i have yet to sit and listen to the entire cd. I also got the extended edition of Two Towers. I plan on watching that tonight along with a nice glass of wine and some leftovers! ;-) I heard that there were some extra interviews with Craig Parker. I’m going to have to hunt those down. Not to mention check out to see if there are any goodies on the disks.

Final thing, I bought the soundtrack for ROTK as well. Now, let me just tell you ‘Into the West’ made me cry like a baby. I mean seriously like a little hungry infant. It was horrible. The crying not the song. The song is very beautiful. Problem is now I’m scared to go see the movie with any of my friends. They’ll never let me live it down if i started bawling at the end of Lord of the Rings! Of course any that would go see the movie with me are boys. I might have to make this a solo movie viewing experience. I know i cried when I saw two towers but i took my little cousin then so i just plied him with sugar until he promised not to tell anyone. I have to go get ready to go to dinner.

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