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I'm excited!

I got it in my head to open up an archive for original characters. I even got web space and domain. Shit I even commissioned some artwork for it. I think this will be a great way for me to learn more server side stuff as well as flex my imagination a bit in something other than writing.

Speaking of which my story Captured Heart is just killing me! For almost a month nothing! Not one single idea for the next or any following chapters. However thanks to my great beta, who sent me over a great summary of what she thought should happen i am moving again. I hope to have a new chapter finished this week if not more than that. I’m excited about that too. I miss all of the reviews. . lol. I’m a review whore what can i say. At least i don’t hold chapters out until i get a certain number of reviews though.

What else. . what else. . Oh, I’m in Wisconsin right now. Ladysmith which has a population of like 12 compared to what I’m used to. Not that it is a bad thing or anything. . just different. I don’t think i could live in a place this small though. I’m only here for about 2 weeks before i head back to good old home and my puppy and kitty guts! Oh i miss them.

Nothing really new to report job wise. Still don’t have one. Though i think the ass that didn’t pay me went out of business. I haven’t called him since january. He was trying to tell me that he was going to get his business rolling and everything. there was just no way. He may be a good photographer/videographer but business man he is not.

I’m off to get rolling on the website and hopefully also pump out a few more paragraphs of my story.
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