Maeluiril (maeluiril) wrote,

frist entry

Well, now I have a place to vent and post all of my smutty stories! Wooohooo. LOL. Most likely no one will read this but who cares. I need an outlet and here it is. I even paid for it. I'm even taking this serious and making sure that i have pictures and other things to post. Hopefully i will keep this updated much more than my written journal. Since getting my laptop i haven't written anything. Good luck trying to read anything i write. Just wanted to get the first one out of the way. You know they say it is easier after that, not like i would know. sigh. . anyway, you'll find my current obsession is Haldir from Lord of the Rings. Well Legolas is there too but mostly haldir. That is what this is motly going to be about. My obsessions and my wants and needs. I'm selfish give me a break.
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